What Is the Largest Trade In the World?

The United States is the world’s largest trading nation, with over $5.6 trillion in exports and imports of goods and services each year!

What are the top 10 trading countries in the world?

China: $2.5 trillion.
United States: $1.7 trillion.
Germany: $1.6 trillion.
Japan: $738 billion.
Netherlands: $723 billion.
South Korea: $605 billion.
France: $582 billion.
Hong Kong: $569 billion.

Is China the largest trading nation in the world?

For the fifth year running, China continues to be a powerhouse of global trade. This time around their imports and exports took up an incredible share in all international commerce – with some records being set along the way!

What 5 countries do we import the most from?

When it comes to trade, the United States is a global powerhouse. In 2019 alone our goods imports from China ($452 Billion), Canada ($319B) and Mexico totaled $609 billion while exports came in at just over two trillion dollars – ranking second only behind Japan’s whopping four hundred forty-four billion dollar export total!
America also has some serious reserves when you look at services: we’re number one globally as both an importer (with billions going out annually) or exporterland having helped foster economic growth through entrepreneurship across various industries worldwide.

What are Chinas top 5 exports?

China is a major player in global trade, with exports of goods valued at over $20 trillion and imports totalling about the same. The top five export categories for China are Broadcasting Equipment ($208B), Computers ($141B), Integrated Circuits ($108B) , Office Machine Parts – which make up more than 25% percent of all manufactured products exported from china- Telephones($54 8 B)& Telecommunications Services crossed by two other categories had high rates too; namely Transport equipment measured against its value.

Which country produces the most salt in the world?

Rank     Country/Region             2012 salt production (metric tonnes)
1             China                                    62,158,000
2              United States                    40,200,000
3              India                                    24,500,000
4            Germany                               19,021,295

Which country is the largest exporter of coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is now the largest in terms of exports, surpassing Brazil by a margin. The country sold 800 thousand kilograms during first six months this year compared to 940 thousand from all other countries combined with Vietnam’s production at over 1 million pounds per month according to International Coffee Organisation data for June 2018.
IOC stands for International Organization Coffea which has been established as one global platform focusing innovation and development pipeline across different regions where they can assist farmers especially smallholder producers around world sustainably producing high quality Arabica Grade A coffees through sustainable agroforestry practices.


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