What State Is the Largest Producer of Honey?

North Dakota is once again the top honey-producing state in the United States. Honey producers with five or more colonies produced 38.2 million pounds of honey in 2018, up 13% from 2017, according to the Agriculture Department.

Who is the largest honey producer?

Natural Honey Production

#1 China :497,286.00 (metric tons)

Where is the Honey Capital of the World?

“Honey Capital of the World” is a town in Uvalde, Texas.

Why does North Dakota produce so much honey?

It may seem odd that North Dakota, one of the nation’s northernmost and coldest states, is the bees’ knees for honey production. It produces more honey than any other state. Flowers contribute to nectar production in the state, which bees use to make honey.

Who is the best honey in the world?

Sourwood Honey.

No honey is more traditional than Sourwood Honey, when it comes to Pure, Raw Honey.

What’s the most expensive honey?

The most expensive honey in the world, known as Elvish honey from Turkey, costs 5,000 euros per kilogram (about $6,800).

Which state has the best honey?

North Dakota is the most honey-producing state in the United States. This state produced 38.2 million pounds of honey in 2018, according to North Dakota.

How can you tell if honey is of good quality?

The Thumb Test: A straightforward method to assess the purity of honey. Put a tiny amount of honey on your thumbnail. Examine whether it spills or spreads. If it spreads, the honey is impure because pure honey will stay intact on your thumb.

Which country produces more honey?

Production Trends of Top 10 Producers of Honey


Production%: 25.81%
Year 2015: 473.00K

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