Where is the World’s Largest McDonald’s?

The largest McDonald’s is located at Orlando, Florida. Measuring at 19,000 square feet, the fast-food restaurant is also home to a three-story playhouse and an arcade. Each of more than 200 seats offer WiFi access.

The world’s second largest McDonalds is the one at the Edmonton City Center Mall in Canada measuring at 18,564 square feet. It also features an indoor playground and offers free Wi-Fi access to all of its customers as well.

Where’s the biggest McDonald’s in the world?

1. The largest McDonald’s play area is located at the restaurant location of Bordeaux, France. It measures at 965 square meters or 10,000 square feet of space for children to play with balls of various sizes and shapes while their parents sit inside eating their food along with having WiFi access if they choose to do so given that purchase a certain food or drinks from the restaurant.

2. The biggest McDonalds located in Orlando, Florida has a kitchen equipped with more than 100 pieces of cooking equipment and measuring at 36 square meters which is almost 400 square feet large.

3. Some restaurants like the one located at Moncton Canada measures at 4,319 square feet and offers free WiFi access for 30 minutes to all of its customers given that they order certain food or drinks from them before leaving the store while some others offer for free until their time expires.

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