Who has the most expensive chain in the world?

The title of owning the world’s most expensive chain belongs to Rapper Flau-Tone with his Wavegod Chain. Created by renowned jeweler Elliot Avianne of Avianne & Co, this unique piece is crafted from 66 troy ounces of 18-karat solid gold and encrusted with over 34 carats worth of baguette cut white diamonds. Flau-Tone debuted his extraordinary piece back on November 9th, 2020 and posted a video on social media where he estimates that the neckpiece cost nearly $4 Million dollars!

The next person named as having one of the world’s most expensive chains is singer Jay Z. His beloved rosary-style diamond necklace from VVS Fancy Colored Diamonds was produced with 1,200 carats and spanned an entire 53 inches which became a conversation topic for days on its own! The intricate design took around 10 months to create and its value was estimated at roughly $5 million dollars back when it debuted in 2004. However, today experts even have estimates that suggest it’s now worth considerably more than that figure!

If price isn’t necessarily an issue or an obstacle to owning jewelry than perhaps Chris Brown carries around what may just be considered ‘the King’ of “most expensive” necklaces in terms of sheer size alone! The giant Jesus Head Pendant was created in collaboration with British Jewelry Maker Joe Rakan who designs exclusively for musicians such as Lil Wayne and Juicy J. With a crucified Jesus head made out of 100 carats worth white and yellow diamonds – reported rumored to have reached 40 thousand – it’s believed Chris Brown paid upwards towards the 8 million dollar mark for this blingy style statement alone!

Rappers have taken luxury chains like no one else and Rick Ross is certainly no exception as much like fellow rap star Kanye West, extravagance appears to boastful inclusion in their style identities regardless if it’s wearing avant-garde fashion or accessorizing aside diamond ensembled pieces synonymous within their music videos. One such example is Rozay’s signature chunky large link cuban type jewel baring artistry seen atop his neck along number showings too hoisting hefty weights that can reach up close 40k plus per exhibition rendering each showstopper experience dynamic to explain “my 0/0 ain’t enough ” & “ima big pimpin”.

It’s clear that many celebrities take their personal brand very seriously and turn to luxurious pieces like these chains as a way for them to stand out from their competitors– whether they be other celebrities or musicians alike. Not only does it help make them look more stylish but also acts as a great conversation starter for fans who want to know about their favorite stars’ luxuries.:

What’s the most expensive chain in the world?

The world of chains can be a dazzling one, with some sparkling with luxurious diamonds and others dripping in gold. When it comes to cost, not all chains are created equal—so let’s take a look at what makes the most expensive chain in the world so costly.

As anyone who loves jewelry knows, the value of a piece is dependent on the quality and quantity of its components. And, when it comes to being extra opulent, there’s no mistaking this particular chain for anything cheaper.

It’s no surprise that the world’s most expensive chain is made from rare materials like 18-karat gold and diamonds—lots of them. In fact, over 732 gems adorn this one exceptional chain. Despite its split design—made up of an impressive 82 diamonds across three sub categories (E VS1 clairty, E VVS2 clarity, and E Color round brilliant-cut)— one could easily mistake it for being entirely composed of 2-carat diamonds due to their uniformity.

Making this necklace even more pricey is its designer label: Gübelin Jewellery in Geneva,. One small part of their exceptional service also entails valuing each diamond individually before positioning them expertly throughout the golden bands—hence why this piece has been valued around five hundred thousand USD!

It’s not just exquisite jewelry designers crafting such costly pieces either; fine jewelers around the globe today provide handcrafted golden chains laden with precious gemstones fit for royalty – or everyone else with enough coin! As lavish as they are though these‚ finishes don’t necessarily reflect superior craftsmanship standards – instead value seems to stem from larger sized blue topaz or other semi-precious stones donning gold settings which serve to enhance accessorizing capacity as well as accumulate long-term worth provided they’re looked after carefully whilst enjoying cumulative consumer demand growth.

This type of luxurious juxtaposition ultimately proves sought after by individuals and investors alike who prefer magnificence over sentimentality ensuring appreciation whatever style was originally intended for—whether it’s statement itemsetc in keeping those owners looking fabulous inclusive high street ranges often incorporating sophistication alongside affordability full circle whenever opportunity arises limited only by personal imaginations. Undoubtedly though costs remain relatively unaffected representing true Luxurious quality accessible comparatively speaking whilst technology increasingly aid artisans capture essence excellence resulting extraordinary options available so much variety out there without compromising what matters now epitomizing contemporary chic forever timeless reasons revel true sense discovery unending possibilities await holders fortunate enough shell pocket protectors enjoy every step tumultuous .

How much is the most expensive necklace in the world?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as is often said! While not everyone can afford the world’s most expensive necklaces—which range from millions to tens of millions of dollars—it’s still an interesting topic for many. Here’s a look at the world’s most expensive necklaces and how much they cost.

Meet Apotheosis, the World’s Most Expensive Necklace

The world’s most expensive necklace is Apotheosis—created by famous jeweler Mouawad in 2010. The necklace features 50 fancy-yellow diamonds set in 18-karat yellow gold, all raring up to 369 carats in total. To craft this single masterpiece, it took 10 craftsmen over 4,500 hours over 11 months. This stunning work of art has been valued at $55 million!

High Jewelry Pieces That Rival Apotheosis

Though Apotheosis holds the title of world’s most expensive necklace, there are several high jewelry pieces that have closely rivaled its price tag. One such item is the Bulgari Sunrise Ruby Necklace, which was bought by Anita Zhang for an astounding $30 million. Set with 56 Burmese rubies and 142 diamonds in pink gold that crest 390 carats combined, this unique piece was realized in just 16 days.

The Lillian Necklace –$15 Million Splurge or Not?

Created by Peter Carl Fabergé in 1909, this spectacular piece has been crafted with solid gold encrusted with 874 diamonds! It took almost a year to finish this glamorous masterpiece as it comprises 7 emerald tassels together weighing 387.3 carats combined. Also known as ‘The Caredo Hangings’ due to its faceting and open grilling design patterning, the Lillian Necklace was sold for roughly $15 million at Christie’s auction house back then in 2014 among many mystery bidders competing for ownership rights of this treasured piece.

Other Amazingly Expensive Necklaces Worth Mentioning

Other incredibly luxurious necklaces worth mentioning include The Matushka Green Diamond floral necklace ($6-8 million), The Emerald and Pearl Art Deco dropnecklace ($7million), Ombré Beryl Strand ($5-7 million) and The Wallis Simpson Tiara ($3-5 million). All these pieces are beautiful gems that you won’t be able to spot strolling down your local street – but those lucky (or fortunate) enough will own them one day!

Who has the biggest gold chain?

Who wears the biggest bling in the world? Does it belong to The Rock, Kanye West or maybe a rapper you haven’t even heard of? Nowadays, gold chains are often seen as a symbol of wealth and success, with many celebrities showcasing their luxurious pieces on social media. So if you’re wondering who has the Biggest Golden Chain for now let us find out:

Kanye West – 220 Grains Gold Chain

Kanye West may have once rapped about diamonds being forever but nowadays he prefers gold. This is evident from his 220- grain gold rope chain necklace, which set him back around $600,000.

2 Chainz – 360 Grains Gold Chain

Another notable mention on our list of bejeweled belts is 2 Chainz’s 360-grain gold Cuban link chain. Jeweler IRBEATS custom crafted the chain and although no official numbers were released, it probably cost upwards of $2 million USD!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – 550 Grains Gold Chain

The undisputed king of chains goes to Floyd Mayweather Jr. He was seen sporting a massive 550-grain “Money May Weather Logo” boxer and glove shaped belt at an event in 2016 and was estimated to have cost over $5 million USD!

Who is the richest jeweller in the world?

Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of art and has been around since ancient times. From kings to queens and emperors to wealthy aristocrats, jewellery has been used to show off status, power and wealth. Even today, certain pieces of jewellery are highly sought after as they symbolize prestige and luxury. When it comes to jewellers, there are some who have become very successful in this industry. Here’s a look at who is the richest jeweller in the world:

The title of ‘richest jeweller in the world’ belongs to Indian diamond magnate, billionaire Shri Laljibhai Dholakia. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Dholakia has amassed a staggering fortune of at least $20 billion from his expansive portfolio including Mumbai-based diamond processor Hare Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd., which was co-founded by Laljibhai in 1978. Laljibhai’s firm processes about 80 percent of India’s total diamond exports—around $25 billion worth every year, making it one of the biggest diamond exporters in the world.

Coming in second place is American citizen Gennady Narivchatsky with an estimated net worth of $12 billion. Gennady co-founded Signet Jewelers Ltd., formerly known as Sterling Jewelers Inc., one of the largest specialty retail jewellers in North America with 3 800 stores. Signet Jewelers’ portfolio includes brands such as James Allen, Peoples Jewellers and Zales just to name a few with more than 20 outlets across Canada alone doing more than $6 billion annual sales.

In third place and boasting an estimated net worth at least $10 billion we find Brenna diamonds group owner Lev Leviev originally from Uzbekistan who currently holds residences in Israel, Switzerland and London dialling his activities ranging from diamond dealerships, real estate investments including international African business ventures through Africa Israel Investments Ltd (AFIL).

Leviev founded The LLD Diamond Group which is involved primarily with rough and polished diamonds trading but also manages manufacturing plants that cut both diamonds for diamond jewelry production or for industrial use along with processing natural-processed gems as well as researching organically produced nanostructured materials for industrial applications/manufacturing processes brought by levitation technology known under brand ‘Levitator’

Lastly we find Beny Steinmetz coming up 4th on our list with an estimated net worth of around $5 billion although various sources claim amount can go over 8$Billion with some adding an extra zero – reportedly Mr Steinmetz made huge gains investing gemstones starting with purchase of suspiciously obtained stones mine rights sold by former president Gabriel Louis Camara military head leader source currently undergoing investigation led by origin country Guinea proper authorities while Steinmetz himself as far back denied any wrongdoings ascribed by media publications claiming he only played within proper entrepreneurial framework upon official nation had ruled investment negations were done legitimately setting purchase funds into official government accounts

Who owns the biggest diamond?

The diamond industry has long captivated the world, not just because of their stunning beauty but also due to the immense wealth associated with them. From mineralogists to politicians, diamonds have been a source of fascination since time out of mind, and few people know this better than those who own some of these glittering gems. So who owns some of the largest and most valuable diamonds in the world?

The Sultan of Brunei – His Highness Hassanal Bolkiah

At 545.67-carats, The Sultan of Brunei owns one huge diamond known as the Grand Mogul Diamond that is estimated to be worth up to $50 million dollars. It is believed to have originally belonged to Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who had it mounted at the four corners on a bow on his throne. Incredible!

Rachel “Bunny” Mellon

Rachel “Bunny” Mellon was an American heiress known for her diverse philanthropic endeavors across many fields including environmentalism, slavery awareness and art acquisitions. Among her possessions was The Parable Diamond—a shimmering yellow gemstone weighing 75-carats and estimated to be worth around $30 million USD.

Lydia Fenici

A woman who often found herself in tabloids because of her lavish lifestyle, Lydia Fenici owned The Star Of The Season—a 16th century diamond necklace with multiple stones attached together weighting over 300-carats total that valued her net worth even higher owing to its whopping estimated value (around $100 million USD). It’s still a mystery where exactly she acquired such extraordinary jewels though no one can deny its authenticity or its beauty given its historical background…

Elizabeth Taylor

No list would be complete without mentioning Elizabeth Taylor and her iconic collection reflective upon a glamorous lifestyle. Amongst her assets was La Peregrina Pearl – an enormous Gem from Spanish royalty with an estimated weight of 203-carats valued near $11 million that she received from Richard Burton for Valentine’s day!

These owners boast some incredible collections capable of making nearly any admirer awestruck with their sheer size and market price among other incredible qualities each brings about.

Which countries Diamonds are the best?

Diamonds have been highly valued throughout history. They have long been symbols of wealth, beauty and eternal love since they were first discovered. With so many countries producing diamonds, it can be difficult to choose which country has the best diamonds. Here is an overview of the countries producing some of the world’s most coveted diamonds.


Australia is home to some of the world’s highest-grade diamonds, prized for their exceptional clarity, exquisite cut and impressive coloration. Many diamond buyers seek out Australian diamonds because they are widely considered the standard for excellence and in the highest demand globally due to their rarity.


The diamond market in Russia has a long and colorful history, with Imperial Russia being a leader in diamond production from as early as the seventeenth century when Peter I commissioned European craftsmen to create high-grade gems out of Russian crystals using his own designs. Today, Russian diamonds can be found around the world due to its immense diamond deposits located mainly in Siberia.

South Africa

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and sought after “African” diamonds—gemstones renowned for their stunning yellow coloration caused by nitrogen impurities during crystal formation. South African diamonds command top dollar from luxury jewelers around the globe thanks to their unique hue and clarity that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth.


Canada is one of few countries where most of its mines are open pit operations instead of underground mining methods (most notably in Ontario). Although Canadian stones account for only a small percentage (about 1%) of global mined gemstones, Canadian diamonds are highly sought after because they are kept controlled by strict regulations enforced by government legislation designed to maintain optimal levels of quality assurance while continuously improving consumer satisfaction through transparency guarantees..


India was once famed as being one of few sources where naturally occurring red ruby jewels could be found; although since then it has grown into one if not the main producers gemstones known today such as sapphire and emerald but also nearing neck-to-nec with countries such Australia or Canada when it comes to more expensive counterparts such Diamonds! Its importance within this area grew exponentially during 20th century wiht India being provide up 90%+ market share within certain years due largely successful marketing tactics employed by its supplier throughout Europe & Asia alike!

Are Diamonds more expensive than gold?

When it comes to precious stones, diamonds and gold are two of the most sought-after. They’re both elegant and beautiful, timeless symbols of luxury and status. But if you had to choose between diamond jewelry or gold jewelry, which is more expensive? The answer may surprise you

The Price of Gold Vs Diamonds

The price of diamonds will depend on the size, clarity, cut, color and carat weight of the stone. On average, a one carat natural diamond will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 per carat – completely dependent on quality factors. This makes diamonds more expensive than gold in most cases.

Gold is priced according to its purity. The higher the purity (24 karat being the highest), the more expensive it is when compared to lower karat weights (10K being the lowest). A 10K yellow gold ring might cost an average of $250 dollars whereas a 24K ring would cost about twice as much at roughly $500 dollars.

So which is better – diamonds or gold? That depends on your preference and budget. They both have their advantages so it really comes down to what kind of look you want for your special occasion jewelry! Both can be enjoyed and appreciated without having to break the bank – but if you’re looking for something extra luxurious then diamonds are definitely going to be more expensive.

What is the most expensive Jewellery in the world?

From massive diamonds to ancient artefacts, jewellery is one of the most sought-after accessories in the history of humankind. But some pieces are so rare and valuable that they are truly beyond price. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive jewellery in existence today:

The Heart of the Ocean Necklace

The fictional diamond and sapphire necklace featured prominently in the 1997 movie Titanic is made with an impressive 50 carat diamond. While this stone can’t be found on real life, hundreds of replicas have been produced for film and museum displays. One such replica was sold to an anonymous buyer for $1 million in 2017.

The Guinness Red Diamond Necklace

Commissioned by heiress Daphne Guinness, this impressive piece features a whopping 23 carat Burmese Ruby surrounded by 59 white diamonds – believed to have cost a total $4 million. Guinness stated her intention for it to be “an imaginative response to fashion itself” but routinely wears it nonetheless!

Queen Elizabeth II’s Pearl Choker

In 2010, this pearl masterpiece was given as a wedding present from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to her granddaughter Princess Eugenie. Made up of 11 Australian South Sea pearls set amid delicate strands of diamond pavé, some experts estimate its value around £300,000 ($390K USD).

The Mysterious Athena Tiara

Named after its Goddess-inspired shape, this spectacular Platinum/diamond tiara is likely valued between £3 and 5 Million pounds sterling. It has been partied owned by famous Italian entertainer Maria Romanova since 1975, but ownership still remains shrouded in mystery due to its lacklustre status with Christie’s Auction House.

Hugh Evans ‘Diamond Butterfly’ Pendant

Weighing in at more than 64 carats and featuring 1345 baguette cut stones set on white gold wingspan measuring almost eight inches across – estimated worth $8 million dollars! This stunning pendant designed by celebrity jeweller Prince Jewellery & Watch co., pays homage to nature’s beauty as opposed to indicating wealth or status .

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