What Is the Biggest Gun in the World?

A question many people have asked themselves but never known. The World’s Biggest Gun has finally been revealed to be a German naval cannon that was once used during WWII. It weighs about 27 tonnes and stands at an impressive 24 feet tall. This massive weapon could fire 100kg shells, which are big enough to take out even tanks!

Based on information from sources, it seems this colossal artillery piece was captured by American forces after being abandoned by retreating German troops near Cherbourg in 1944. After being moved back to America for restoration work in Texas, it now stands proudly outside of Fort Worth’s Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base as a monument of victory over Nazism and a reminder of the destructive power of war. One can only imagine what it must have been like for the American soldiers who helped seize this weapon!

Guns are one of the most common weapons in the world, and the biggest gun is a very well-known subject. However, it comes as a surprise to many people that this gun was in fact a naval cannon! This colossal weapon could devastate even tanks when on active duty. The gun is now proudly displayed outside the Fort Worth Naval Air Station as an American memorial of victory over Nazi Germany.

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