What is the Largest Cathedral in the World?

If you are visiting Paris, you are undoubtedly going to visit the iconic Notre Dame de Paris – the largest cathedral in the world. This is especially true if you are with your family because there just isn’t any space to miss – but there are several other cathedrals that are very worthy to visit.

The Notre Dame de Paris has become more famous than ever since a fire devastated much of the building on April 15, 2019. The Notre Dame de Paris is also the tallest cathedral dedicated to Mary in the world.

It is amazing how people from all around the world flock to this great cathedral. If you want to find out more about this magnificent church, read on.

Why is Notre Dame de Paris called the “world’s biggest cathedral”?

What makes Notre Dame de Paris so big is its sheer size. The cathedral has three times more square meters than the Duomo in Milan, and one and a half times more than the Cathedral of St Peter in Rome; it is also the second-largest cathedral behind the Notre Dame of Viterbo (also in Italy)

At 688.85 meters (2,214 ft), Notre Dame can be seen from space. It can accommodate up to 7,500 people. This is why the cathedral sometimes hosts huge concerts and shows. Although there are many famous cathedrals, people have a hard time believing that Notre Dame de Paris is the largest one.

But that’s not all! As we have mentioned, the cathedral is also the tallest. It has an impressive size of 688.85 meters (2,214 ft). It can also hold 8,000 people.

The cathedral is the center of a world-famous square and is the most famous Paris landmark.

Notre Dame de Paris is the only major basilica that is situated on the Isle of la Cité, which can be seen from the Seine. Thus, this massive cathedral gives the impression that it is higher than everything around it. This is why the Parisian legend says that the cathedral was built above the city, and also why most of the world refers to the Notre Dame de Paris as the “world’s biggest cathedral”.

Notre Dame de Paris is considered a great example of the Gothic style, which is characterized by large windows, high walls, and steep roofs. When the cathedral was built in the Middle Ages, it was a fortress. In the Middle Ages, Paris was besieged and invaded many times. Notre Dame de Paris had to withstand wars and attacks by England, Germany, Sweden, and others. It became the city’s largest fortification.

The Notre Dame de Paris was commissioned by King Philip V of France in order to provide eternal peace and prosperity to the city.

Notre Dame de Paris is considered a monumental building both in Europe and in the world. Its most impressive feature is its main tower. It has a height of 464 m (1,530 ft). This is considered to be Paris’s tallest tower. It also has 2,228 stairs which take visitors up to the top.

This massive tower has a large statue of Our Lady made out of gilted wood. It was made by the famous French sculptor and engraver, Girardon. The statues are made out of wood and are protected by glass. Girardon died in Paris in 1714, so a sculpture depicting him is also made out of gilted wood. 

Notre Dame de Paris is also a very sacred building. A large portion of Paris’s population is made up of Catholic people. Many churches in the city are consecrated to Notre Dame de Paris. There is even a special train, the “Notre Dame de Paris Express”, that allows passengers to see the building and its unique architecture.

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