What is the largest city in Norway?

The capital Oslo is the largest city in Norway. Oslo is home to a lot of the world’s most beautiful architecture, many great museums, some great shopping, and dining and is the center of Norwegian politics and business. It’s probably the most expensive city to travel through, especially the high prices at the airport. If you look for a low-cost option from Oslo to Stavanger, then fly with Scandinavian Airlines. Oslo is also well known for the famous, internationally-acclaimed concert and theater festivals and for the fact that it is the country’s primary oil center.

Oslo is the capital of Norway, with a population of just over one million, Oslo ranks as the tenth-largest town in Europe. It is located in the Southeastern coastal area of Norway, on the border to Sweden. The city lies in the valley of the River Oslofjord and boasts a number of medieval and modern structures, including some of the world’s most beautiful buildings. Oslo was founded following the Viking invasions, and while it is still a small and very manageable city, it has played and still plays a major part in Norwegian culture and history.

The area that is today known as Oslo today is known for the fact that it used to be two separate cities – Akershus and Fredrikstad. During the 1800s the two cities came together due to better transportation links, but a large part of it is still today’s modern Oslo. Oslo is now divided into 14 districts – Akerhus, Askøy, Bolkesjø, Bøler, Gaustad, Grorud, Hasle, Indre Østerby, Kattem, Kongensgate, Rana, Rikshospitalet, Storo, Ullevål and Ytrebygd.

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