What is the largest city in Thailand?

Thailand is the 20th largest country in the world but has a low population which is the second-lowest among countries that are ranked in the top 20 largest countries in the world after Russia and the US. This low population leads to a higher crime rate. In addition, the country is a democracy where people can freely express their opinion, which leads to bad governance and corruption in some parts.

Thailand is also home to some ancient cities and towns which have existed for thousands of years due to their geographical location. 

The biggest city in Thailand is Bangkok. It has the largest metropolitan area of about 15,000 kms2 and its population is also the second-largest when it comes to country-wise figures. In addition, this city has the largest airport, i.e. Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It is a hub for long-distance and international flights in Southern and Eastern Asia. This leads to a huge number of tourists, which in turn has led to a booming economy and economy as such.

Other Thai cities with large populations and high volume of tourism and commerce include Pattaya City, Chiang Mai city, Phuket, Khon Kaen and Chonburi.

Most of Thailand’s population is in rural areas. Most of the country is mountainous. The population density is not great. The majority of the farmers cultivate their own land and the jobs are manual-based jobs like plowing. Most of the people are engaged in agriculture and the work schedule is very busy.

The majority of the population are Buddhists. They practice Buddhism in its traditional forms like observing Vinaya and precepts. Some of them are adherents of Ayam-Buddho and Dhammakaya teachings in Myanmar. In addition, this particular Buddhism has gained followers in Thailand, which is represented by the Wat Phakayo School which is a reformist school based on the teachings of Phra Chao Khun Upaliya.


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