What state is the largest based on population?

California has the largest population in the United States, followed by Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. In the table below, all US states are sorted by population, from largest to smallest. A small proportion of the population lives in rural areas, and Nevada’s rural culture is incredibly different from that of metropolitan areas such as Reno and Las Vegas. Much of the state’s population is in and around Philadelphia, as the city has a population of 1.56 million.

North Dakota does not refer to its areas by population or government structure; it considers all areas as cities. Oregon covers 95,997 square miles of land, making it the ninth largest country in the United States, despite its population being spread thinly across its territory. Parts of Oregon are ruled by geographic elements that make the area unsuitable for residential development. As a result, the average population density is only 44 people per square mile. The landlocked state of Nevada covers a land area of 109,826 square miles, making it the seventh largest state in the country.

Minnesota’s geography also contributes to lower population density than average when you consider the large water bodies and mountainous areas across the landscape. With a population density of just 22 people per square mile across all 82,747 square miles of which, Idaho is home to only about 1.79 million US residents. Kentucky, which was previously part of Virginia, became its own territory and has now grown to become the 26th most populous state in the USA. On the east coast, the most populous state is New York, which is the fourth most populous in the country.


population of Hawaii is currently estimated at around 1,416,589, making it the 41st most populous state in the USA. King and Pierce, with municipalities of 2,188,649 and 876,764 people, are the most populous counties in the state. The US Census Office considers ethnicity, religion, and most other categories with the total population. Of a community of nearly 20 million, almost half live in New York City, which is roughly the entire population of New Jersey.

The state of Indiana spans 36,418 square miles, making it the 38th largest state in terms of area. However, its population makes it the 16th most densely populated state in the country, with a population density of 181 people per square mile. The Golden State has an extremely dense population due to its size and is the 13th state with the highest population density, with 255 people per square mile.


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