Which Is the First Largest City in India?

Rank               City                         State or union territory

1                    Mumbai                            Maharashtra

2                    Delhi                                  Delhi

3                    Bangalore                         Karnataka

4                    Hyderabad                       Telangana

Which is the first biggest city in India?

List of Indian cities by size

Rank        City                                        Area governed by

1              Delhi                                 National Capital Territory

2              Bangalore                        Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike

3              Visakhapatnam              Greater Visakhapatnam municipal corporation

4              Hyderabad                      Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation

Which is the second-largest city in India?

India: Major Cities

  • New Delhi, is India’s capital and has a population of more than 7 million inhabitants.
  • Bombay (Mumbai), Mumbai, is India’s largest city, with a metropolitan population of over 15 million people.
  • Calcutta (Kolkata) is India’s second-largest city.

Which is the No 1 city in India?

Among the top ten cities in India, Bengaluru has moved up to first place on several aspects of living comfortably. Bengaluru has surpassed Pune as the best city in India for living comfortably, among 49 million-plus cities in 2020. Ahmedabad ranked third among 111 other cities after pushing previous leader Pune down to the second place.

What are the 10 largest cities in India?

Mumbai – 12,442,373

Delhi – 11,034,555

Bangalore – 8,443,675

Hyderabad – 6,731,790

Ahmadabad – 5,577,940

Chennai – 4,646,732

Kolkata – 4,496,694

Surat – 4,467,797

Pune – 3,124,458

Jaipur – 3,046,163

Which is the poorest city in India?

List of Indian states and union territories according to the poverty rate

Rank                           State/U.T.                   Poverty (% of people below poverty line)

1                                  Goa                                                             5.09

2                                 Kerala                                                          7.05

3                                 Himachal Pradesh                                    8.06

4                                 Sikkim                                                         8.19

Which is the best city in India, live?

The Ease of Living Index is a ranking that measures life in 10 Indian cities; check out the top ten cities in India: Bengaluru ranks first, followed by Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Surat, Navi Mumbai, Coimbatore, Vadodara, Indore, and Greater Mumbai. Bengaluru has risen to

Which is the longest river in India?

Sl. No. River                   Length (km)

1.          Indus                     2,900

2.          Brahmaputra       2,900

3.          Ganga                   2,510

4.          Godavari              1,450

Which is the biggest city in the world?

Tokyo is the world’s largest city, with a population of 38 million people. Tokyo has a population of more than 30% of Japan’s total.

Which city is most beautiful in India?

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in India

  • Jaipur – The pink city of Jaipur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital of Rajasthan. The city’s stunning buildings were painted pink in 1876 to welcome Prince George, later King George V, and Queen Victoria as guests.
  • Varanasi. Varanasi, which is also known as Kashi, is one of the most beautiful, ancient, and spiritual places in northern India.
  • Udaipur
  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Mysore
  • Agra

Which is the cleanest city in India?

The 20 cleanest cities in India to explore and admire

  • Indore
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Surat
  • Gujara
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Maharashtra
  • Ambikapur
  • hhattisgarh
  • Mysore
  • Karnataka
  • Vijayawada
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Ahmedabad
  • Gujarat
  • New Delhi
  • Delhi

What is the best city in India?

Bengaluru, which comprises more than 10 million people, topped the list of the best cities in India’s Ease of Living Index 2020, followed by Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Surat, and Navi Mumbai. Bengaluru was deemed the most livable metropolis in India by the government during the Ease of Living Index 2020.

Which city is best to settle down in India?

Pune has a lower cost of living and is less crowded than Mumbai. It’s recognized for its world-class medical institutions, rich culture and history, high-end institutions, and iconic tourist and religious sites. It’s a fantastic place to spend your retirement, enjoying quality time with your family.

Which city is bigger, Bangalore or Chennai?

The region of Chennai is 1,189 km2, Mumbai 4,354 km2, Hyderabad 7,100 km2, and Bengaluru 8,005 km2. Currently, the area of Chennai is 1 village.

Is Goa bigger than Mumbai?

Almost ninety times, Goa is smaller than Maharashtra. Maharastra has 31 districts, which are 2.5 to 3 times larger than Goa’s 3702 sq km. In India, Mumbai is the country’s financial capital. That implies that the Mumbai city government’s yearly budget is almost 2.5 times as large as that of the state government.

Is Bangalore bigger than Mumbai?

Greater Mumbai is defined by the INDC to be smaller than both Delhi and Bangalore yet more populous than either, with a population of 12.4 million. It ranked third among the 111 cities in terms of overall livability, behind only Copenhagen and Vienna, while Bangalore is at 58 and Delhi is at 65.

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