Which Is the Largest City of Kerala?

Which is the largest city of Kerala?


Municipal Corporations

Rank        City/Town                             Area(km2)

1              Thiruvananthapuram          218.86

2              Kozhikode                             118.58

3              Kochi                                      94.88

Which is the largest city in Kerala?


Which is the biggest state in Kerala?

Kerala is a state in India’s southern sector. On November 1, 1956, Kerala became a state. Kochi is the biggest city in Kerala. The total area of Kerala is 38,852 km², with 31,253.20 km² rural and 7598.80 km² urban landmasses.

List of Districts in Kerala.

# 1

District: Alappuzha

Area (km²): 1,415

Population (2011): 21,27,789

What is the main city in Kerala?


Which is the richest city in Kerala?

List of districts and cities in Kerala ranked by GDP per capita

Rank City District

1 Kochi (Cochin) Ernakulam

2 Kannur (Cannannore) Kannur

3 Kollam (Quilon) Kollam

4 Thrissur (Trichur) Thrissur

Which is the beautiful city in Kerala?

Kozhikode is a lovely city in Kerala that was previously known as Calicut. The town makes its name among the must-see Attractions on the Malabar Coast. It is recognized as a paradise for those who want to experience nature and history at their peak.

Which is the oldest city in Kerala?

Kollam is a historical port city on the Malabar Coast of Kerala. It was formerly known as Quilon and was frequented by merchants, explorers, missionaries from all over the world. Even renowned explorers like Marco Polo have come through this ancient commercial metropolis.

Which district are the most educated in Kerala?

Kottayam is the highest-ranked district in literacy, with 97.2 percent of people literate in Kottayam, followed by Pathanamthitta with 96.5 percent. Wayanad and Palakkad have the lowest literacy rates, with 89% and 89.3 percent respectively. Even though Wayanad

Which is the smallest village in Kerala?

Perinjanam is a village in the state of Kerala, India. It is one of the least populous communities in Kerala.


Perinjanam Perinnanam, Peringanam

Country: India

State: Kerala

District: Thrissur

Population (2001)

Which is the bad district in Kerala?

Kannur district

Kannur district Cannanore district

State: Kerala

Established: 1957

Headquarters: Kannur

Subdistricts: Kannur Payyanur Taliparamba Iritty Thalassery

What is Kerala famous for?

Kerala, a state on the tropical Malabar Coast of southwestern India, is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. Kerala is well-known for its ecotourism projects and lovely backwaters, which have been termed as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler.

Is Kerala a rich state?

Kerala, with just over 2.8% of India’s people, accounts for almost 4% of India’s GDP. As a result, Kerala’s per capita income is 60 percent higher than that of the country as a whole.

Economy of Kerala


GDP rank: 13th

GDP growth: 11.6% (2018–19)

GDP per capita: ₹225,484 (US$3,200) (2018–19)

GDP per capita rank: 9th

Is Kerala a city or state?

With 33,406,061 people as of the most recent Census count, Kerala is India’s thirteenth-largest state by population. It is divided into 14 districts, with Thiruvananthapuram serving as its capital.


Country: India

Statehood: 1 November 1956

Capital: Thiruvananthapuram

Districts: 14

Are Kozhikode and Kochi the same?

Kochi and Cochin are two different names for the same location. The center and a most significant portion of the district, known as Ernakulam, is referred to as Cochin. Calicut is roughly 200 kilometers from Cochin. Kozhikode is a district in its own right.

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