Which Is the Largest Railway Line in the World?

The Trans-Siberian Railway, which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok and is 9,289 kilometers long, is the world’s longest and one of the busiest railway lines.

Which is the largest station in the world?

Nagoya Station, Nagoya, Japan

The world’s largest railway station in terms of floor area is Nagoya Station in Japan, which according to some sources boasts a whopping 446,000m². The Central Japan Railway Company’s headquarters (JR Central), located above the station, includes two towers.

Which country has no railway?

There is no railway network in Bhutan, but it is anticipated that the country’s southern regions will be connected to India’s vast railway system.

Which country is first in railway?


Rank               Country                  Area (km2) per km track

1                      United States                     65.55

2                      China                                   65.62

3                      Russia                                199.98

4                      India                                    48.8

Which is the smallest railway station in the world?

Ib railway station

Platforms: 2

Tracks: Broad gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)


Structure type: Standard (on ground station)

Which country has the best railway system?

Which country is best seen by rail?

  • India. India came up frequently as a country that must be seen by train due to its vast railway network.
  • Japan. For having the world’s most dependable train service, Quora contributors extolled Taiwan’s virtues.
  • Switzerland
  • South Africa
  • United States

Which country has no river in the world?

Vatican City is the smallest country in terms of the area without a river, with an area of 0.171 square miles (0.445 square kilometers). It has no lakes, rivers, or mountains and gets its water from Italy.

What is the fastest train in the UK?

The United Kingdom’s Fastest Trains

Rank         Name                      Maximum Design Speed (mph/km/h)

1                Eurostar                        e320 199 (320)

2                Eurostar                       186 (300)

3               Javelin                           140 (225)

4               Super Express              140 (225)

Which is the longest train in India?

The SheshNaag is a super-long train that runs in India and is the longest ever to do so. This 2.8 km long train, which was powered by four sets of electric locomotives, was operated by IRCTC through combining four empty BOXN rakes, according to reports.

Which railway network is the largest in Asia?

The country’s most important railway system is the Indian Railways, which is the largest rail network in Asia and the world’s second-largest under one management.

What is the longest train in Canada?

  • The Canadian
  • VIA Rail
  • mesmerizing
  • Travel
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Longest train journey
  • Fall

Who is the CEO of Indian Railway?

The Central Government on Friday appointed Suneet Sharma as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Indian Railways Board (Ministry of Railways), a post he will hold ex-officio.

Which is the most expensive luxury train in India?

The Maharajas’ Express is India’s most expensive train.

  • Maharajas’ Express is India’s newest luxury train, having commenced operations in January 2010. It is easily one of the most costly trains in Asia, and it offers comfort comparable to that of first-class air travel. …
  • The train has 24 cars, including sleeping and dining cars as well as bar, lounge, generator and storage cars.

Which is the second-largest railway station in the world?

The Kollam railway station platform is the world’s second-longest.

Kollam Junction railway station.

Elevation: 6.74 metres (22.1 ft)

Owned by: Indian Railways

Operated by: Southern Railway zone

Line(s): QLN–TVC QLN–ERS (via ALLP and KTYM) QLN–SCT (via PUU)

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