Which Female Celebrity Has Biggest Feet?

If you have big feet, you’re in good company. In fact, several beautiful celebrities have enormous shoe sizes. Famous ladies may be self-conscious about their enormous feet, in addition to having access to the best fashion designers.

Female Celebrities With Big Feet

Elle Macpherson- The Lady’s 12US/10UK/44EU stiletto heels should be enough evidence to satisfy your curiosity.

Paris Hilton – Paris Hilton famously wears a size 11 US (9 UK), and has admitted that her feet are the one thing about herself she hates. The hotel heiress was quoted saying, “In my true style? Well, I’m afraid it’s got to be this way because all these people with fuller figures can wear bigger shoes.” And so Paris created her own footwear line which runs up until – you guessed it again!-size eleven.

Uma Thurman – 11US/9UK/43EU

You can watch Uma’s feet in action as she walks across the room and kicks off her shoes, revealing a few bunions on top of each foot.

They’re not anything major but they do affect how comfortable or attractive you might find them while wearing heels!

Oprah Winfrey – 11US/9UK/43EU

Oprah was sad to find that the shoes she had worn all her life were too small for her. She mistakenly thought they fit, but turns out this is not true – in fact Oprah’s feet are actually an inch bigger than what people would guess from looking at her! So next time you think someone has big feet or knows a lot about fashion – don’t count them as a potential friend because it could be their bunions causing discomfort.

Celebrity Women With Big Feet

It’s vital to have good foot health, but it isn’t everything. The majority of ladies’ foot sizes are normal. Over the last several decades, heights and weights in the United States have increased. Feet have gotten bigger as well.

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