What Country Is the Biggest Polluter in the World?

The biggest polluters are China, Russia, the USA, European Union and India. Comes to generating greenhouse gases. Almost all carbon emissions come from developed in the USA is one of the worst countries in the world when it actions – developed nations generate about 87% of human emissions.

For years, developing countries have been the leading contributors to rising greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, China alone produces more than offsetting carbon dioxide in almost every year since 1984 – a total that is projected to exceed US production by 2035 if current trends continue (UNEP). While it’s true nations rich with resources such as Canada and Norway struggle mightily when compared against their counterparts south of our border who rely heavily on natural sources like oil sands or coal-fired electric plants; this isn’t because they don’t care about climate change: It’s just not happening yet! These top emitters need longer lead times before corrective measures can be implemented effectively while also taking into account differing economic conditions between regions around the world.

I think most people know this already — but many refuse to believe that they themselves are a part of what’s causing climate change. But until you acknowledge responsibility, there will be no change in how we behave on a personal level–in other words, being aware will help you control your own actions for good future outcomes.

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