What Is The Biggest Alligator Caught In Louisiana?

The biggest alligator caught in Louisiana was a massive beast that measured an incredible 16 feet 9 inches long. This gargantuan gator was captured alive in the Atchafalaya Basin back in August of 2014. The lucky hunter who took this behemoth down was none other than John Stokes, Jr., who is now the proud owner of the state record for the largest alligator ever harvested.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Stokes actually holds two different state records when it comes to alligators. In addition to taking down the biggest one ever seen in Louisiana, he also holds the record for harvesting the heaviest gator on record. That particular animal weighed in at a whopping 1,011 pounds!

While it’s certainly impressive that Mr. Stokes has managed to take down two such massive creatures, it’s worth noting that both of his records were set within just a few years of each other. In fact, his first record-setting gator was caught only two years before his second one!

Clearly, Mr. Stokes knows a thing or two about hunting these giant reptiles – and he’s not afraid to go after them either! If you find yourself in Louisiana and are looking for an adventure (and maybe even a new state record), then perhaps you should give him a call…

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