What Is The Biggest White Perch Ever Caught?

The record for the largest white perch ever caught is held by a man from Massachusetts, USA. Richard “Dick” Smith caught the fish in his home state on August 25, 1984 while fishing in the Merrimack River. The white perch measured a whopping 24 inches long and weighed 4.5 pounds.

It has been widely reported that Smith caught the fish on a live eel, though Smith himself has never confirmed this. What is known for sure is that he was fishing with a light spinning rod and an eight-pound monofilament line.

The record-breaking white perch had a profile that was quite different from the average white perch. Instead of the typical silvery hue, this fish was a pale white color. It also had a very large eye, which gave it an intimidating look.

Though Smith’s catch was impressive, it was not the only big white perch to be caught in the Merrimack River. In fact, the Merrimack River is one of the most popular spots for white perch fishing in the entire United States.

In addition to its popularity among anglers, the Merrimack River is also home to some of the most productive white perch spawning grounds in the country. As a result, the river produces some of the largest white perch in the country.

Smith’s record-breaking white perch remains an impressive feat and a testament to the abundance of white perch in the Merrimack River. Smith’s catch stands out as a remarkable accomplishment, and it is a reminder of the vast potential of the Merrimack River for anglers everywhere.

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