What is the Largest Bed in the World?

The greatest bed began in Hertme, Netherlands, at Commissie Zomerfeesten St. Gregorius Hertme with a length of around 26 meters and a width of 16 meters.

Commissie Zomerfeesten St Gregorius Hertme, a Dutch non-profit organization, was given the (crazy and/or selfless and/or silly and/or ambitious and/or stupid) task of organizing their town’s annual summer festivity. The year is 2011 – the theme: sleep – and they need something big for this festival. Three members remembered that once some kids told them about an idea they had to build the world’s largest bed.

Largest bed in the world

Once upon a time some kids thought it’d be cool to have a competition for who could build the world’s biggest bed. They found out that there are no official rules for such competitions so first they made up some rules themselves on paper before actually starting to build the bed. Then they told their friends about their idea and slowly more and more people became involved in the project until eventually it ended up on the newspaper’s front page.

Another version of this story involves a bet between two mayors; one mayor knew that his town was not very well known for its abundance of special features (he probably wouldn’t even be re-elected if he didn’t do something about that), while another mayor wanted to improve his small town’s image, but without having too much money in his budget for this goal. So they both thought: why not make a contest? The town with the best feature could brag about it for years! The other mayor said, “I think our town should be known across the country for its biggest bed.”

But let’s go back to Commissie Zomerfeesten St Gregorius Hertme. After they were told that there are no official rules by their friends, they decided to make up their own rules, and so The Great Bed Race was born.

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