What is the largest hotel in Las Vegas?

The largest hotel in Las Vegas is the MGM Grand Hotel. It has a total of 5,044 rooms on four different towers and is situated just off the Strip. The hotel’s casino hosts many well-known attractions such as Cirque du Soleil and David Copperfield. In addition to numerous guest rooms, there are also ten restaurants with over 100 dining options, along with an expansive shopping mall that spans three levels.

The MGM Grand Hotel was originally intended to be a condominium tower. It ended up opening as the largest hotel after its developer defaulted on financing and construction stopped. The Great Recession also took a toll on the building, which sat partially finished for several years before finally being completed in 2009 to what was already a full capacity of 5,000 rooms.

The hotel has also become home to some of the most popular shows in Las Vegas, including “Cirque du Soleil” and David Copperfield. The animal attraction is known as “MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park” was opened in 1993 outside the hotel’s entrance, but since closed in 2009 after a long legal battle with animal protection activists.

The MGM Grand Hotel has hosted several high-profile guests over the years, including famous musicians like The Rolling Stones and Beyonce. The hotel’s sports connection includes hosting major boxing matches, UFC championship events, and WWE wrestling shows.

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