What is the largest ice cream in the world?

The largest ice cream sundae ever created is one of a kind. With 3,664 gallons of liquid chocolate and 56,640 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, the giant dessert was unveiled on August 8th by an Americone Dream machine at a Guinness World Records event. This recipe for success required 7 people to create and serve it over three hours using a crane-like contraption that could reach just high enough to place this colossal dish onto a table.

The enormous concoction’s ingredients were donated by Unilever – which provides 5% or more to Feeding America with every purchase from their Ben & Jerry’s line – and will be distributed among shelters across the country.

“Unilever has always believed that doing well goes hand-in-hand with doing good,” said Kees Kruythoff, president of Unilever North America. “This is our way of celebrating Americone Dream’s 10th anniversary by giving larger scoops to the less fortunate who need them most.”

This is not the first time that a Unilever ice cream product has been awarded for charitable efforts. In 2012, Ben & Jerry’s created an Easter-themed sundae to honor the company’s 30th year of business. The dessert used one gallon of milk from 12 cows, plus eggs from 900 chickens and 150 pounds of carrots.

In 2004, Unilever created a Guinness World Record for the largest ice cream cone. Working with Ben & Jerry’s, the world’s largest ice cream maker used 3,000 gallons of vanilla ice cream to create a cone that stood at 5 feet 8 inches tall and 9 feet 7 inches wide.

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