What Is The Largest Metallica Concert Ever?

The largest Metallica concert ever held took place in Moscow, Russia, on September 28, 1991, and was attended by a staggering 300,000 people. This concert was part of the band’s “Wherever We May Roam” tour, which had already been touring for over a year.

The concert was a memorable one for Metallica fans all over the world, as it was the first time many of them had seen their favorite band live. At the time, the band had already sold more than 25 million records worldwide, and they had been playing in stadiums across the country, making them a major draw.

At the Moscow concert, Metallica covered a wide range of their music, including songs from their first three albums, as well as some of their newer material. The band also performed a few covers, including Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and “Whole Lotta Love”.

The concert was the climax of the tour and was the largest Metallica show ever. The band members had a great time, and they put on a great show for the massive crowd. The concert lasted over three hours, and the audience was in awe of the band’s performance.

The concert was recorded and later released as a live album, titled “Live in Moscow”. The album was critically acclaimed, and it helped to solidify Metallica’s status as one of the biggest bands in the world.

The success of the Moscow concert was an important milestone for Metallica as a band, and it was also a huge boost for the music scene in Russia, which was in its infancy at the time. To this day, the concert remains a symbol of Metallica’s success, and it is still remembered fondly by fans all over the world.

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