What Is The Oldest Coffee Brand?

The oldest coffee brand is a matter of some debate. Some coffee historians believe that the first branded coffee was created in Germany in 1822 by a man named Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. However, there is evidence that suggests that coffee was being sold under brand names as early as the 1600s.

One of the earliest examples of branded coffee comes from 1658, when a Dutchman named Pieter van der Broecke brought back two sacks of beans from Mocha, Yemen. These beans were then roasted and sold under the name "Mocha Java." This branding likely helped to distinguish these beans from other coffees on the market at the time, which would have been mostly unbranded.

Another early example of branded coffee comes from 1708, when an Italian woman named Caterina di Loreto started selling her roasted beans under the name "Caffè del Tazza d'Oro" (coffee of the golden cup). This branding helped to make her coffees stand out from others on the market and likely increased her sales.

So while it is difficult to say definitively which is the oldest coffee brand, there are certainly many brands that date back centuries. And while some may argue that modern brands are more innovative and creative with their branding than older brands, it is clear that branding has been an important part of selling coffee for centuries.

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