What Is The Smallest Rat In The World?

The smallest rat in the world is the pygmy rat, found in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. This species of rat is scientifically known as the Rattus pygmaeus, and is one of the smallest known rodents, measuring between 5 and 8 cm in length.

The pygmy rat is incredibly light, weighing just 2-3 grams, and is almost completely hairless. It has a long tail, and dark brown to black fur. The pygmy rat normally lives in the burrows of other animals, such as armadillos, or in the walls of hollow trees. They feed on insects, small lizards, and fruits.

This species of rat is found in a variety of habitats, from lowland rainforest to highland cloud forest. It is an adaptable species and is able to survive in disturbed and altered habitats. They are also found in agricultural land, and are considered to be a pest species by some.

The pygmy rat is an elusive and solitary species, and is rarely seen by humans. The rats breed throughout the year and have litters of up to 10 pups. The lifespan of the pygmy rat is unknown, but they are believed to live for up to two years.

The pygmy rat is not a threatened species, although its population numbers are unknown. It has been studied by scientists and is important to understanding the effects of habitat destruction and deforestation on small mammal species.

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