What Is Tiger Woods Longest Drive Ever?

Tiger Woods has long been known as one of the longest hitters in golf, and he has proven that time and again with some of the longest drives in the history of the game. But what is Tiger Woods’ longest drive ever?

The answer to that question is an impressive 498 yards, which Woods achieved at the 2002 Mercedes Championships at Kapalua Resort in Hawaii. The drive was measured using laser technology and was later reviewed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The monumental drive was hit off the tee at the par-5 18th hole, and it came during the opening round of the tournament. Woods had a downwind advantage that day and was able to take advantage of the favorable conditions. He used a 3-wood off the tee and sent the ball soaring through the air for an amazing 498 yards.

It was a truly remarkable feat, and it has gone down in golf lore as one of the longest drives ever measured. To this day, Woods’ 498-yard drive remains the longest drive of his career and is a testament to his immense power and skill.

Woods has continued to show his power on the course, and he has proven that he can still hit the ball a long way despite his age and injuries. But his 498-yard drive will always stand as his longest and most impressive drive ever.

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