Who Is The Slowest Player In The NFL?

In a league where speed is often the name of the game, it’s easy to overlook those players who may not be the fastest on the field. So, who is the slowest player in the NFL?

While there are certainly players who aren’t as quick as others, determining who holds the title of “slowest” can be difficult. After all, speed can vary depending on position and play style. That being said, one player who often comes up in discussions about slow NFL players is Tom Brady.

Now, before you start throwing things at your screen, hear me out. Yes, Brady is one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history and has won multiple Super Bowls. But when it comes to footspeed, he’s not exactly breaking any records.

In fact, during his 40-yard dash at the NFL combine back in 2000 (which is used as a benchmark for evaluating player speed), Brady clocked in at a less-than-impressive 5.28 seconds. To put that into perspective, many offensive linemen (who aren’t typically known for their speed) run faster than that.

Of course, it’s worth noting that quarterback isn’t exactly a position where speed is crucial. In fact, some might argue that being able to stand still and avoid getting tackled is more important than running fast. And clearly Brady has been able to make up for any lack of speed with his arm strength and accuracy.

But if we’re talking about pure footspeed alone, then yes – Tom Brady could potentially be considered the slowest player in the NFL.

That being said, there are likely other players who could give him a run for his money (or lack thereof). Offensive linemen are notoriously slow due to their size and weight – but again, their job isn’t necessarily to run fast. And then there are kickers and punters – while they don’t typically see much action on the field, they’re also not known for their blazing speed.

So while Tom Brady may not be Usain Bolt-levels of fast on the field, he’s still managed to have an incredibly successful career without relying on his legs too much. And hey – maybe if he ever decides to retire from football he can try his hand at competitive walking instead!

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