Who Owns The Biggest Residential Pool In The US?

The title of the owner of the biggest residential pool in the United States is a coveted one, and many contenders have emerged over the years. However, after extensive research and investigation, it has been determined that the owner of the biggest residential pool in the US is none other than billionaire businessman David Siegel.

Siegel’s impressive pool, located in his 90,000 square foot mansion in Windermere, Florida, spans an incredible 90 feet by 225 feet, making it one of the largest residential pools in the world. The pool is surrounded by lush tropical landscaping, and features a waterfall, a swim-up bar, and a bridge that spans the length of the pool.

But that’s not all – the pool is also equipped with an impressive 40-foot-long underground tunnel that leads to a separate pool located in the basement of the mansion. This underground pool is a replica of the main pool, and features a similar design and amenities, including a swim-up bar and underwater speakers.

To keep the massive pool clean and well-maintained, Siegel employs a team of pool technicians who work tirelessly to ensure that the water is crystal clear and free of debris. The pool is also equipped with a state-of-the-art filtration and cleaning system that helps to keep the water in top condition.

While the cost of maintaining a pool of this size and complexity is undoubtedly high, Siegel, who is the founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts, can afford it. He has an estimated net worth of $400 million, and is known for his extravagant lifestyle and love of luxury.

In addition to his massive pool, Siegel’s mansion is also equipped with numerous other amenities, including a bowling alley, a movie theater, a baseball field, and a full-size roller skating rink. The mansion has 13 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, and even a separate wing for the children’s rooms.

In conclusion, David Siegel is the proud owner of the biggest residential pool in the US, and his impressive pool is a testament to his love of luxury and his ability to indulge in his wildest dreams. While most of us may never get to experience the joy of swimming in a pool of this size, we can still appreciate the awe-inspiring design and engineering that went into creating such a massive and impressive feat of engineering.

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