Who Was Considered The Greatest Builder In Ancient Egypt?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are a number of ancient Egyptian builders who could be considered the greatest. However, some of the most famous and renowned builders from ancient Egypt include Imhotep, Amenhotep III, and Ramesses II.

Imhotep was an architect, physician, and polymath who lived during the Third Dynasty of Egypt (26th century BCE). He is best known for his design of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, which was the first true pyramid ever built in Egypt. Imhotep’s other notable achievements include his work on the Temple of Djoser and the mortuary temple complex at Dashur.

Amenhotep III was an 18th dynasty pharaoh who ruled over Egypt for nearly four decades (1417-1379 BCE). During his reign he oversaw a period of great prosperity and achievement in art, architecture, literature, and diplomacy. Some of Amenhotep III’s most famous building projects include the Luxor Temple complex and several colossal statues known as the Colossi of Memnon.

Ramesses II was one of the most powerful and influential pharaohs in Egyptian history (ruled 1279-1213 BCE). He oversaw a vast building program that saw numerous temples erected across Egypt, including such iconic structures as Abu Simbel and Karnak. Ramesses II also expanded upon existing buildings at sites like Abydos and Luxor; he even had his own tomb constructed within the Valley of Kings –the largest tomb ever made for an Egyptian king up until that time.

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