How Big Is The Biggest Lemon In The World?

The record for the largest lemon in the world goes to a giant citrus fruit grown by Gennaro Angelillo, an Italian grower from Battipaglia. He achieved this feat in November 2018 when he harvested a whopping 2.5 kilogram (5.5 pound) citrus fruit from his garden. The giant lemon measured 30 cm long with a circumference of 59 cm and was verified as the largest ever recorded by officials of Guinness World Records. This remarkable lemo was estimated to contain more than 200 ml of juice! Growers all around the world have since tried to replicate Gennaro’s success, but to date no other lemon has come close to matching its size or weight. While we may never know why this particular specimen grew so large, its impressive stature will no doubt live on in the annals of history!

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