What Is the Largest Eagle in the World?

The splendid Philippine eagle is currently considered the largest eagle in the world. It can weigh up to 12 pounds and have a wingspan of 9.5 feet, making it one of the largest apex predators on Earth. The Philippine Eagle is the largest bird in the world – even larger than the vultures. It’s not an eagle though! But it looks like one. The Philippine Eagle actually belongs to a group of large birds called ‘raptors’, or birds of prey which are usually meat-eaters that hunt live animals for food.

Weighing up to 7.5 lb, the Philippine eagle is the world’s largest living species of eagles. The American bald eagle can weigh up to 5 lb at most during adulthood, with one example having been recorded at 8.2 lbs. The white-tailed eagle can range from 4-8 kg in weight and averages about 7 kg or just under 17lb; an exceptionally large specimen has been recorded weighing 12 kg or nearly 26lbs.

The Philippine Eagle eats carrion, snakes, birds, bats and other animals.

It hunts by searching for a quarry then swooping down to catch its prey with its claws. It eats carrion, snakes, birds, bats and other animals which it can kill by piercing their skull or spine with one powerful strike of its beak. This eagle does not use its feet except to tear meat from an animal’s backbone while it feeds at a carcass. The Philippine Eagle breeds during March-April while laying around one egg every year in hollowed out nests in big trees along mountain ridges.

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