What Was The Fastest Flying Dinosaur?

Did you know that the fastest flying dinosaur was actually a bird? It was called the Alectrosaurus, and it could reach speeds up to 65 mph! This made it one of the fastest flying animals ever discovered. The Alectrosaurus had wingspans of up to 10 feet and a body size of up to 13 feet long!

The Alectrosaurus is a species of theropod dinosaur belonging to the Alvarezsauridae family. It was first discovered in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2009 and is believed to have lived during the Late Cretaceous period. It had a slender body and long, powerful legs, and its wingspan ranged from 8-10 ft.

The Alectrosaurus was able to reach speeds up to 65 mph, making it one of the fastest flying dinosaurs of its time. This speed was made possible due to its hollow bones and lightweight frame, allowing it to propel itself forward at incredible speeds. Its impressive agility also helped it catch prey while in flight.

Despite its speed, the Alectrosaurus still only weighed around 50lbs, so it couldn’t carry anything heavier than itself when taking off or landing. Instead, it relied on short bursts of speed to catch its prey and then quickly flew away again before they could retaliate. All these features combined made the Alectrosaurus one of the most impressive specimens ever found!

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