What Was The Smallest Tornado In The World?

The smallest tornado in the world on record was a waterspout that occurred off the coast of Stuart, Florida on July 18th, 1997. Measuring only 40 feet in diameter and lasting less than 15 minutes, it caused no significant damage or injuries. It was the first documented waterspout occurrence off the east coast of Florida since records began being kept in 1950.

Waterspouts are tornadoes that form over bodies of water and can be particularly dangerous due to their tendency to move quickly, sometimes up to speeds of 50 mph. The 1997 waterspout off the coast of Stuart was one of only four recorded off the east coast since records have been kept. It was also the smallest tornado on record, with a diameter of just 40 feet and a timeframe lasting less than 15 minutes. The waterspout moved from north-northeast to south-southwest at around 25 mph. While it fortunately caused no damage or injuries, it did leave behind wind gusts of up to 35 mph near the coastline.

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