What Is the Largest Bone in the Body?

The largest bone in the body is the femur.

The femur, also called the thighbone, is part of the human skeleton and it attaches to both muscles in your leg and connects to your hip joint. With this shape, it provides a stable point from which to walk around on just one leg if needed. Besides helping with running too! The depth of a person’s femur can be measured from front-to-back or side-to-side depending on their level of injury or arthritis so a doctor will use whichever method is best for them when diagnosed with something like a sports injury.

The thigh bone, on average, measures about 19.9 inches long from the patella to the buttock.

The femur is a major muscle group in the thigh due to its function as a weight-bearing structure and lever arm for quadriceps contraction. It has a wide distribution on the head of this bone and often contains minute amounts of fat cells known as lipocytes. The femur is generally paired with two other bones-the patella which sits over it in some instances and iliotibial band on either side of it atop an about 11 cm-long area called Iliac crest.

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