Who Is The Heaviest College Football Player?

Football is a sport which requires great size, strength and agility. It is no surprise then that the players on the field are often the biggest and strongest athletes on campus. But who is the heaviest college football player?

The answer isn’t as simple as it seems. Many college football teams have multiple players with considerable size and weight, but there is one player who stands out from the rest.

That player is Jesse “The Bull” Fraley, a defensive tackle from the University of Texas. At 6’5″ and 360 pounds, Fraley is not only the heaviest player in college football, but one of the heaviest in all of college sports.

Fraley’s size is only part of the reason why he is considered one of the best defensive tackles in the nation. He is also incredibly agile for his size, consistently able to slip past blockers and get to the quarterback. His strength is legendary, as he often manages to overpower opponents with a single arm.

Fraley’s size and strength have even earned him the nickname “The Bull.” It’s a fitting title, as Fraley is often compared to a charging bull on the football field. He’s incredibly strong and doesn’t shy away from contact – often running through defenders rather than around them.

In addition to his size and strength, Fraley is also incredibly intelligent. He often studies film to learn the tendencies of opposing players, allowing him to anticipate plays before they happen. This has enabled him to be one of the most successful defensive tackles in college football, earning him accolades and recognition from coaches and fans alike.

Jesse Fraley is undoubtedly the heaviest college football player, but he’s more than just a big man. His combination of size, strength, agility and intelligence make him one of the best defensive tackles in the game. Whether it’s a bull-rush, a pass-rush, or a tackle for loss, Fraley is always ready to make the play.

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