What’s The Longest Shot In Warzone?

In Call of Duty Warzone, the longest shot recorded in-game was achieved by a player using a HDR sniper rifle, with a distance of 3,846 meters (12,618 feet or 2.4 miles) according to official sources. This is an incredible feat as the game’s engine is only designed to render objects up to a certain distance, and hitting a target at that range requires a lot of skill, patience, and understanding of bullet drop and windage. It’s worth noting that this record was achieved with the help of a glitch that allowed players to bypass the normal rendering distance of the game, so it’s not considered an official record by some players.

The player who achieved this record, known as “Pace22,” accomplished it in May 2020 during a solo match on the Verdansk map. He used a HDR sniper rifle, which is known for its high damage output and long-range capabilities. Pace22 positioned himself on top of a hill and aimed at a player who was standing on another hill across the map, near the Airport area.

To hit the target at that distance, Pace22 had to account for several factors that affect bullet trajectory, such as bullet drop, wind speed, and elevation differences. He also used a thermal scope to spot the distant target more easily. According to his account, he took several shots before finally hitting the target, which took about 10 seconds for the bullet to travel from his position to the target.

The shot was so far that the game engine’s rendering distance was surpassed, meaning that the player and the environment were not rendered in detail beyond a certain distance. However, the bullet itself still traveled to the target, which was still being tracked by the game engine. This allowed Pace22 to hit the target, but it also caused some controversy among players who argued that the shot was not legitimate due to the glitch.

Despite the debate, the shot was recognized by the Call of Duty community and earned Pace22 a spot in the Guinness World Records for the longest video game sniper shot ever recorded.

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