Which iPhone Has the Largest Screen?

The iPhone 12 Max has the largest screen, from any iPhone that is currently available. This phone sports a 6.7 inch display, which makes it easy to do a lot of different things on one phone, and can stream movies at a much larger size than other phones.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the latest model with 6.7 inch screen. Its competitor, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, falls behind with 6.4 inches of screen size.

Given that there are so many Android phones that have screens in the neighborhood of 5 inches in size – it’s important to note that Apple’s bold jump to a 6.7 inch phone shows they’re not afraid of being behind the curve on things like tablet software when it comes time for tablets to return to popularity with consumers who are increasingly finding their small phone too cumbersome for common tasks.

It’s no secret, devices with big displays are more appealing to software users under modern revisions. The larger the screen, the less time it takes for you to read an article or menu–a small price for what could be a giant leap in productivity. Big screens also lend themselves well to multitasking, without making much of a fuss about frame rates–saving energy because your device is always on-reserve for whatever might crop up. Faster rendering times mean you can easily switch between tasks without feeling held back by slow app loading times and input lag. This isn’t just good news for developers working with large screens either–the increased surface area means touch movements are equally responsive as ever because there’s more room to create shortcuts.

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