What Is the Biggest Mall in America?

As of January 2021, Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is the largest mall in the United States with 500 shops. The gross leasable area is 5.6 million square feet or roughly 18 acres. This includes 3 levels of restaurants. The mall is managed by the Triple Five Group, a Canadian conglomerate that specializes in shopping malls, entertainment complexes, hotels, and banks.

Additionally, the mall has 100 American Girl Doll reviarsations to enjoy and 12 theaters including an IMAX theater that runs 3D movies about sharks, dinosaurs or other educational subjects for entertainment purposes only. One could spend a day at this fantastic shopping experience where they can shop up a storm without fear of getting lost since there are 4-corner permanent racks dedicated to providing visitors with directions when they get stuck!

The number of malls in the United States is enormous, and most towns over a certain size probably have at least one mall.

Most malls are pretty much the same nowadays-there are only so many stores that can go into a building before it becomes cluttered and claustrophobic! But while American consumers may be shopping more online these days, they still need physical spaces to interact with each other and socialize on a regular basis-a sense of community has been largely lost to cities where people live at some remove from their neighbors.

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