Which Is Largest Producer of Sugarcane?

India is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane. It accounts for roughly 28% of the global production, followed by Brazil (20%), China (11%), Thailand (7%) and Pakistan (6%). India is also the leading consumer of sugarcane in the world, consuming almost 50% of all global production.

Overall, major sugarcane producers in the world are India, Brazil, China, Thailand and Pakistan. Sugarcane is mainly cultivated for its sweet juice which can be extracted from it and processed into sugar. The primary use of sugarcane is for producing sugar but it also serves as a valuable source of renewable energy due to its high content of sucrose.

Which country is the largest producer of sugar cane?

The largest producer of sugar cane in the world is Brazil. Brazil produces more than two-thirds of the total global production of sugar cane. In 2018, it produced 662 million tonnes, accounting for 71% of the world’s total sugar cane output. Other leading producers include India (which produced about 200 million metric tons) and Thailand (which produced about 55 million metric tons).

In total, the top five producers, including China, account for more than 95% of global production. Sugar cane is an important source of income and employment in many countries around the world. It is used to produce sugar, ethanol and other industrial products. It also serves as a feedstock for livestock and is used in the production of biofuels. The global demand for sugar cane continues to increase, as it is a renewable and sustainable energy source.

Is India the second-largest producer of sugarcane?

Yes, India is the second-largest producer of sugarcane in the world. The country produces around 370 million tonnes of sugarcane each year, making it one of the top producers globally. India is also the largest consumer of sugarcane, consuming over 360 million tonnes annually. Sugarcane cultivation in India dates back to ancient times and it is an integral part of the country’s agricultural sector.

Sugar factories are located all over India, with Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh being the top cane-producing states. Sugarcane cultivation in India has enabled the country to become self-sufficient in sugar production. The industry provides employment opportunities for millions of people and contributes significantly to the national economy. India has also invested in research and development of high-yielding varieties of sugarcane, which have increased yields and improved the quality of sugar produced. Overall, the sugar industry is a major contributor to India’s economy.

Which country is the largest exporter of sugar?

India is the world’s largest exporter of sugar, accounting for around 18 percent of global exports in 2018/19. India shipped 11.4 million tons of sugar during this time period, which was more than twice that of Brazil, the second-largest exporter. The main destinations for Indian sugar exports were Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. India is expected to remain the world’s largest exporter of sugar in 2019/20, with exports estimated at 11.8 million tons. (Source: International Sugar Organization)

Additionally, India is also the world’s largest producer of sugar, with production estimated at 31 million tons during 2018/19. Other major producers include Brazil, China and the European Union. Combined, these four countries account for nearly two-thirds of global sugar production.

Which state in India is the largest producer of sugarcane?

The state of Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of sugarcane in India. It accounted for about 31.2% of total sugarcane production in India during 2019-20. Maharashtra (19.6%) and Karnataka (14.4%) are the other major producers, contributing a combined 33% to India’s sugarcane production. Other significant contributors to India’s sugarcane output include Tamil Nadu (10%), Bihar (6.2%) and Andhra Pradesh (3%). Together, these states account for more than 50% of total sugarcane production in India. The rest of the country contributes to the remainder of the total output.

Which is the largest sugar factory in India?

The Kesar Enterprises Ltd. (KEL) is the largest sugar factory in India. It is located in Gujarat, and it produces more than three million tonnes of sugar every year. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, which allows them to produce high quality sugar with maximum efficiency. KEL also provides employment to more than 5000 people. Furthermore, KEL is also involved in various social welfare initiatives such as health camps, vocational training and educational support for the underprivileged. This makes them a key player in the Indian sugar industry.

Apart from producing sugar, KEL has also diversified into other areas of agro-processing such as ethanol and bio-diesel production. Through these initiatives, KEL has been able to reduce its environmental footprint and become a leader in sustainable development. Furthermore, KEL is also involved in research and development activities that are focused on improving the quality of sugar produced by them.

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