What is the 4th largest island in the Philippines?

The fourth-largest Philippine Island, Palawan, has been named one of the best islands in Asia. With rich biodiversity and pristine natural environments, this small island offers something for everyone. Palawan’s capital city Puerto Princesa is famous for its lush forest landscape, and beautiful beaches such as Donsol which features incredible underwater wildlife like whale sharks. If you’re looking to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, then try exploring some of Palawan’s untouched caves or go on an adventure to find hidden waterfalls!

Palawan Facts:

According to the 2015 census, Palawan has a population of 1,792,843 people.

The island is home to different cultures such as the Tagbanuas and Palawan who live in parts of the island called ‘Ethnic Communities’.  The majority of the people living in Palawan are Chinese, Filipino & Indigenous people.

The island is home to at least 516 species of birds and 111 species of mammals, including the endangered Philippine tarsier which can be seen in the wild within some areas of Puerto Princesa.  There are also around 1500 flowering plant species on the island!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a popular tourist destination on the island for its scenic limestone karsts and a cave system with underground rivers.  The park stretches to around 8 km long and some of it is open to tours while some parts cannot be visited due to safety concerns.

A popular Filipino delicacy, balut, is commonly sold in Palawan!  Balut is a fertilized poultry egg with a nearly fully formed duck embryo inside which is boiled and eaten in the shell.

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