What Is the Biggest School in the World?

The city of Lucknow in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh has a new world record for being home to the biggest school with over 44,000 pupils. The City Montessori School opened its doors and houses with 2200 teachers teach 1 million children from prekindergarten through grade 12th at once!

The previous edition of “Guinness Book Of World Records” listed China as having the largest number (35 million) students enrolled per primary/secondary schools but now it seems like UP will have a better claim because they don’t just teach kids between ages five years old until fifteen; also there are scholarship opportunities available so parents who can afford fee bills won’t feel bad about sending their wards into debt.

The school was founded in 1959 by Bharti and Jagdish Gandhi with just 300 borrowed rupees ($5.70 at current exchange rates). The following passage tells you all about this amazing institution that has been going strong for over fifty years now, providing students from ages three through seventeen an education they might not otherwise get due to their location alone!

The story starts off on the right foot when these two men came up with a plan: why not start some kind of tuition-based learning center? They managed to raise funds out of nowhere using what little resources each had – but still had ambition enough to expand into something bigger than themselves so as to best meet student needs while maintaining a quality of education.

Lucknow is a city in Northern India with around two million people living there, but this specific school has over 44,000 students who are taught by more than 2200 teachers – including some on staff at the Lucknow University’s “Department Of Education” which provides further schooling for those students who wish to pursue it once they’ve completed their primary education.

Some of the teachers come from other countries like China, Thailand and Sri Lanka while others are Indian-born but have traveled around the world to teach here in Lucknow which is a huge deal for these young minds who have never had exposure to people with different backgrounds or languages! What’s absolutely fascinating about this whole story is that this school was founded nearly sixty years ago and has since grown into something exceptional: a thriving, learning center that’s brimming with students from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade – which means they teach these kids from ages five up until seventeen! What makes it even better is that there are scholarship opportunities available for parents who can’t afford to send their kids here so they don’t have to worry about going into debt just to get a decent education for them.

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