Who Has the Largest Female Feet in the World?

Julie Felton of Ellesmere, Shropshire, in the U.K. holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest feet on a woman. When Felton was a child, she had bony knees and feet that were bigger than most of the other girls. In fact, her first shoes were an infant’s size 6 as opposed to what is considered average at 2; by 16 years old this difference between themselves began becoming clear – they still weren’t even close!

Felton has a left shoe size of 18.24 inches (46 cm) and right shoe size is 22.44 inches (57 cm). She wears a U.S. women’s size 29, the same as an American man’s 13 or 14! Her feet have caused her serious medical problems. She has bunions, ingrown toenails and sores. Her size 29 feet has caused her backaches so bad that she often uses a wheelchair in the house when not standing on her own two feet!

Julie Felton isn’t alone in having big female feet. The second runner-up for the world record for the largest female feet is Rosie Jones of London, England. Her left shoe size is 18 inches (46 cm) and her right one is 21 inches (53 cm). Rosie Jones’s feet caused her problems as well. She has bunions on both big toes that cause serious pain when she tries to wear any footgear.

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