Who Is The Vikings Biggest Rival?

The Minnesota Vikings have been an integral part of the NFL since 1961, and their rivalry with another NFC North team, the Green Bay Packers is one of the greatest rivalries in sports. But who else can be considered the Vikings’ biggest rivals?

The Detroit Lions make a strong case they should be considered. Since their inception in the league, they have been divisional opponents to the Vikings and both teams have played each other twice a year for almost 60 years. It has been a relatively even-matched affair too – from 1960 through 2019, the overall regular season record between these two teams is tied at 54-54-2. This divisional rivalry also has its fair share of memorable moments such as Anthony Herrera blocking a 33-yard field goal attempt by Jason Hanson to win it for Minnesota 20–19 in 2005.

The Chicago Bears are another strong candidate for consideration as well. The Bears have faced off against Minnesota 109 times across all competitions and throughout decades of play, the rivalry has been full of great games and intense competition. The teams have met three times in the playoffs with Minneapolis being victorious on two occasions; including when they won 27–24 in overtime at Soldier Field in 2015 during Stefon Diggs’ now infamous “Minneapolis Miracle” catch and run touchdown play.

Finally, a third NFC North opponent deserves mention here: The Atlanta Falcons. Although these two teams do not annually face each other like their divisional rivals (aside from Atlanta having moved to become part of the NFC South starting in 2002), they always seem to find themselves facing off against one another come playoff time or when crucial wins are needed to keep up pace with their respective divisions standings. They’ve met 10 times in total across regular-season games and playoffs, with Minnesota having won 6 out of those matchups – but whichever way you cut it – this fixture has seen plenty of exciting action over the years.

Ultimately all three teams mentioned above could easily qualify as being ‘the Vikings’ biggest rival’, primarily due to them being long standing divisional opponents that have faced off for decades and tens matches between them – however there is no real definitive answer as football fans will always argue back and forth about who gets that title!

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