Who Is Juventus Biggest Rival?

Juventus' biggest rival is Internazionale, or Inter Milan. The two clubs are the most successful in Italian football history, with a combined total of 18 Serie A titles and 12 European Cups/Champions League titles. They are also the only two Italian teams to have won the treble (Serie A, Coppa Italia, and Champions League/European Cup).

The rivalry dates back to early in both clubs' histories. In 1908, Juventus were founded as Sport-Club Juventus by a group of students from Turin; one year later, Inter were founded as Football Club Internazionale Milano by a group of Italians living in Milan. Both teams quickly rose to prominence in their respective cities and regions; Juventus became dominant in Turin and the surrounding area while Inter held sway over Lombardy and much of northern Italy.

The first meeting between the two teams was on 13 January 1909, when Juventus defeated Inter 3-2 in a friendly match. The first competitive meeting came just over a year later on 8 May 1910, when Juve again triumphed 3-2 – this time in an important league match that saw them finish ahead of their rivals at the end of the season. From then on, the rivalry has been intense; although there have been periods where one team has been more successful than the other (such as Juve's domination during Antonio Conte's tenure as manager), there is always great interest whenever these two giants of Italian football meet.

There have been many famous moments and matches between Juventus and Inter over the years; some notable examples include:

-In 1967, Sandro Mazzola scored an equalizing goal for Inter against Juve with just seconds remaining – a dramatic late strike that ensured his side finished level on points with their rivals at the top of Serie A

-In 1977-78 season opener known as "the Match That Never Was", due to riots which caused it to be abandoned after just six minutes

-In 2002 Derby d'Italia clash which saw Ronaldo score a hat-trick for Inter en route to a 5-2 victory

-In 2005 Calciopoli scandal which resulted in both clubs being relegated to Serie B

-In 2006 UEFA Champions League quarterfinal tie which saw Roberto Baggio score twice for Juve as they overturned 2-0 deficit from first leg

Most recently, In 2016 Derby d'Italia clash Lionel Messi scores decisive away goal for Barcelona en route 2–1 victory."

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