Who Is Juventus Biggest Rival?

Juventus Football Club, widely known as ‘Juve’, has helped shape Italian football for over a century and is one of the most successful clubs in the world. Their biggest rival has been A.C. Milan since the two teams have had a decades-long rivalry that goes back to when they first crossed paths in 1901. The feud between these two Italian powerhouses intensified in 1980’s when both sides enjoyed success domestically and internationally. Since then, their clashes have become some of the most iconic derbies of all time, with bragging rights of being Italy’s best team up for grabs each time they come up against each other.

The head-to-head record between Juventus and AC Milan is incredibly close with both sides winning a nearly equal number of games across all competitions. This means that there are often nail-biting encounters as fans can never predict which team will come out on top. Every game seems to bring something new as it pits ‘catenaccio’ against ‘tiki-taka’ – defense versus attack – creating a unique atmosphere of intrigue, energy and excitement for watching public, players alike and for those eager to experience a world class showpiece fixture in one of Europe’s greatest cities.

In recent years, the rivalry has taken on even greater importance as both Milan clubs vie for Champions League qualification and battle it out to win Scudetto titles every year in Serie A; whoever finishes higher than their counterpart will be claiming city bragging rights and ultimately more silverware!

Juventus have also fought off competition from Inter Milan in recent times to establish themselves as Serie A’s dominant force after winning eight consecutive league titles since 2012/13 season, while AC Milan have failed to challenge them since 2011/12 season when they last won Scudetto title with Massimiliano Allegri at the helm. That said, Juve’s dominance hasn’t dulled their rivalry with AC Milan who remain their fiercest contest in Italian football landscape while always striving to make sure Juve don’t win yet another Scudetto crown or progress into Champions League knockout stages.

All things considered, Juventus Football Club’s biggest rival can be seen no further than down the Via Turati at San Siro where A.C. Milan waits with anticipation ahead of every clash between these two historic giants!

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