Who has the largest foot in the world?

There are many people with large feet, but there is one person who holds this record. The name of this man is Sultan Kösen from Turkey. He has a shoe size of 26 and 1/2 inches which makes him have “the biggest feet on Earth”. His enormous feet also make it difficult for him to walk properly because they weigh about 220 pounds each! This press release will give you more information about his life as well as other interesting facts about his huge shoes. 

A little of history- Sultán Kösen was born in Ankara, Turkey on January 1st, 1980. At the age of 2, Sultan had his first surgery because he encountered a rare condition called “acromegaly”. This disorder caused him to have an excess of growth hormone. Unfortunately, this did not stop the effects of acromegaly, and thus he continued to grow excessively large feet.

Sultan himself describes that even when he was just 8 years old, he had to wear shoes that were size 19! He went out to get a pair of shoes at least once every two months. As time passed, his feet continued growing, and thus he focused on making them stop. He tried many options such as medicine, cutting off his blood flow, applying tight bandages to his legs, hanging upside down, not exercising, and drinking herbal medicine. None of these options were successful in stopping the growth of Sultan’s feet.

Sultan eventually reached a point where he could no longer take care of his feet himself. He turned to doctors for help, but they also had no luck in stopping his condition. When he was at this low point in his career, Sultan’s neighbor introduced him to a doctor in the United States who was willing to help. With this new opportunity for treatment, Sultan flew to America, where they gave him a device that stopped the blood from flowing into his feet and was extremely helpful in stopping the growth of his feet.

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