Who Has the Biggest Feet in the World?

Have you ever wondered who has the biggest feet in the world? From Shaquille O’Neal to Yao Ming, there are some giants out there! But did you know that the crown for having the largest feet goes to none other than Sultan Kösen of Turkey? With an incredible size of 47 centimeters (a whopping 18.5 inches), he truly holds the record for having the biggest feet in the world!

But what can you do with those big feet? Well, besides making it a bit harder to find shoes that fit, Sultan Kösen’s large feet allow him to stand at a staggering 8’3” tall. His height and his large feet combined make him one of the tallest men alive today. Aside from being able to look down on everyone else, Sultan Kösen also gets invited by Guinness World Records as a judge and participates in various charity work around Turkey.

So next time you come across someone with giant feet, be sure to remember Sultan Kösen and his unbelievable accomplishment!

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