How Many Feet Is the Biggest Animal in the World?

The biggest animal in the world is a sperm whale. The maximum confirmed length of a full-grown male as been measure at 18.5 meters (about 59 feet).

Some people claim that the elephant is the largest animal, but this is not entirely true. In reality, many mammals are larger than elephants, though few are as large as a sperm whale. For instance, an African Bush Elephant reaches up to 11 meters (around 36 feet) and weighs 5 tons or more. A hippopotamus can grow up to 3 meters (around 9 3/4 feet), and it has been reported that at least one giant squid exceeds 10 meters in length – so if we considered size alone, these would all come before a sperm whale.

The biggest land animal is the African Elephant. The largest elephant recorded in history weighed 24,000 pounds and was 13 feet tall at its shoulder! That’s about as long as a sperm whale but not quite half of it’s weight! It would take four average male elephants standing on each others’ shoulders to reach that high. No wonder they can’t fly!

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