Do pet lizards like to be held?

A relaxed lizard has open but relaxed eyes, its breathing is shallow and slow, its muscles are loose, and its posture is low to the ground. Always remember that interaction is for you — reptiles tolerate it at best and hate at worst. If you want an animal that likes physical affection, get a social mammal or a bird. Just don’t force it to accept attention it clearly doesn’t want.

It can be particularly stressful for this species of lizard to expose it to handling, and even if it is desperate to be held, it may not respond very well when touched or handled.

Can lizards be loving?

Whether you’re looking for a small lizard or a big snake, reptiles can make docile companions who enjoy lying on your lap while you watch TV or read a good book. For example, a snake hisses when it feels threatened and a bearded lizard bloats its beard and changes color from light brown to black when it’s angry or stressed, explains Dr. These friendly lizards are most active during the day, and they feed on vegetables, plants, insects, and fruit. They also seem to show the most emotion as many lizards seem to show joy in petting.


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