Is it legal to own a komodo dragon as a pet?

  • You can find several photos of Komodos kites online that look like people are keeping them as a pet. This makes it impossible for the loot to fight the Komodo and she loses the fight. Most of the “dragons” that exist in the animal trade are reptiles. The first four islands are part of Komodo National Park, while Flores recognizes the lizard as an endangered and protected species.

    Is it legal to own a Komodo dragon

    First things first: Here’s some key information to understand the Komodo dragons as a whole before you dive into some key elements to advocate why keeping one of these monitor lizards as a pet would be a bad idea.

    Can I buy a Komodo kite?

    Here are a few facts about Komodo dragons to let you know about the soon-to-be-newest animals at Pet World. The Komodo dragons are native to several Indonesian islands and are the largest lizards that still exist. It doesn’t constantly drool like Komodo cousins and you can build it into your living room in a terrarium. You could try to run, but the Komodos can run as fast as you do and if you’ve been bitten, you’ll be slowed down considerably due to the poison.

    This poison, which comes from two glands in the Komodo’s mouth, can cause a dramatic drop in blood pressure and send victims into shock.



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