Who Owns the World’s Largest Collection of Basketball Shoes?

A new article by ESPN reporter Darren Rovell reveals that a businessman from China owns one of the most impressive collections in history. The person, known as “Jordan,” claims to have 6,000 pairs of rare and limited edition Nike Air Jordan. Jordan travels around the world looking for sneakers that are either extremely rare or difficult to find, with the goal of owning every pair ever made. He also started his own website which tracks his progress towards this goal and includes images and information about each shoe he acquires. Jordan is currently working on getting all 1,500 editions released in 2017 before next year’s milestone anniversary release drops on December 3rd, 2018.

Basketball shoes are extremely popular in China, with Michael Jordan’s signature shoes being the most popular shoe there. Basketball enthusiasts take pride in collecting rare sneakers to show off.

According to ESPN’s report, this person who claims to have the largest collection of sneakers has 10 pairs of Air Jordans that are headstock (brand new with original box). Jordan has even met Michael Jordan himself. The average price for a pair ranges from $100-300 USD, depending on how limited/rare it is. So the collection alone could be worth around $3,000,000 USD.

Since Michael Jordan retired from professional basketball in 2003, his shoes have increased in popularity. As of right now, there are over 1,500 different editions of Jordan’s shoes that have been released. In 2017 alone, there will be at least 20 new shoes released.

According to the article, the individual claims one of the reasons he started collecting shoes is because it allowed him to make friends and meet influential people. He also states that he wants his collection to be a museum-like exhibit for others to enjoy.

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