Who Has The Thickest Neck?

Having a thick neck can denote strength, power, and charisma. People often consider having a thick neck to be an attractive asset. But which person has the thickest neck? That is a difficult question to answer, since different people have unique body shapes and sizes. However, certain cultural icons have possessed thicker necks than most.

In the world of sports, professional wrestler Brock Lesnar stands out for having an exceptionally thick neck. This muscular 6-foot-3 athlete has a neck that measures more than 18 inches in circumference — an impressive feat considering the average male’s neck circumference is 14 inches or less.

Another individual known for his thickness around the neck is Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman in Man of Steel (2013). The special makeup effects applied to Cavill forced him to wear a rig on his head that added about two inches of padding to create the illusion of his iconic counterpart’s broad shoulders and bulky frame — including a notably beefy neck. Additionally, he wore prosthetic silicone pecs and triceps during filming that completed Superman’s dominating frame.

The popular Marvel series The Incredible Hulk (1977–1982) also featured an unusually thick-necked star: Lou Ferrigno as Hulk himself. During filming, Ferrigno had to wear extensive padded suits and prosthetics to make him look like he had superhuman size and strength — including heavily padded shoulders, arms, abdomen and legs as well as exaggerated facial features and even thicker-than-normal legs! To further accentuate his physique, Ferrigno would go through hours of precise hairstyling so every strand lay perfectly in place over his bulging muscles and artificial pads. His natural physique already making him one of bodybuilding’s greats at the time made it easier for him to carry off this amazing look!

While there are other celebrities with impressive physiques who might claim the title of having ‘the thickest neck’ such as Dwayne Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger – only one can truly claim first place: Charles Atlas – dubbed ‘The World’s Most Perfectly Developed Man’ – whose athletic lifestyle taught generations how they can build their own muscular bodies at home without weights or machines! Atlas boasted an incredible 19 inch circumference around his legendary throat—the largest ever recorded at that time!

Atlas was not only noted for having a legendary physique but also revolutionized physical culture by introducing new, effective exercise regimes into mainstream society – inspiring all kinds of athletes regardless age or gender with his energetic routines and training methods all backed up firmly by scientific proof! He was even honored with awards from the National Strength & Health Association twice in 1924 and 1928 recognition – not just because he was able to achieve such physical greatness but also helped others achieve it too.

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