What Is The Strongest Human Bite Force?

When it comes to the strongest human bite force, the answer may surprise you. While animals like crocodiles, hyenas and hippopotamuses may have the strongest recorded bite force, humans are no slouch when it comes to having a powerful bite.

The human jaw is made up of two parts – the mandible, or lower jaw, and the maxilla, or upper jaw – and is capable of delivering a powerful bite. The range of human bite force is around 300-1200 pounds per square inch (psi).

The strongest human bite force ever recorded was from a German law student named Michael Landl, who registered a bite force of 1200 psi. However, this was not a normal bite, as Landl was trained to close his jaw as hard as possible in a special jaw-training device. The average human bite force is estimated to be around 200-400 psi.

In terms of the strongest bite force for everyday activities, the molars, which are the grinding teeth at the back of the mouth, have the strongest bite force. The molars are responsible for breaking down food before it is swallowed. They are usually the last teeth to develop, and they can deliver a bite force of up to 400 psi.

The incisors, which are the front teeth, are the next strongest, with a bite force of up to 200 psi. The incisors are designed for cutting and tearing food into smaller pieces.

The canines, which are located between the incisors and the molars, are the weakest teeth in the mouth when it comes to bite force. They are designed for gripping, holding and tearing food, but their bite force is usually only around 50-100 psi.

So, to answer the question of what is the strongest human bite force, it is likely that the molars are the strongest, with a bite force of up to 400 psi. However, it should be noted that there is a wide range of bite force among humans, with some people having a much stronger bite than others.

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