What is the largest city in Texas?

Houston is the largest city in Texas with an estimated population of 2.16 million

So here are some other things you should know about Houston.

The size of Houston is estimated at 600 square miles.

Houston is located in southeast Texas, along the coast of Galveston Bay

Houston has 8 sister cities: Istanbul (Turkey), Shanghai (China), Bogota (Colombia), Torreon (Mexico), Nogales (Mexico), The Hague (Netherlands) New Orleans (USA) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti).

The mayor of Houston is Annise Parker, who was elected in 2009

Houston’s most famous landmark is the Johnson Space Center, which was the main control center for US manned space flight until Project Apollo. It was originally called the Manned Spacecraft Center and it is home to the Mission Control of NASA

The climate is humid subtropical, so summers are long, hot and muggy with heavy rainfall, which makes for a great place to grow things. This is why Houston has been called the “The City of Flowers”

Houston’s nickname is Space City, because it’s home to NASA’s Lyndon B Johnson Space Center

Houston has many professional sports teams such as the Houston Texans (NFL), the Houston Astros (MLB), and the Houston Rockets (NBA)

The Bayou City is also home to several smaller sports franchises such as the Dynamo and the Aeros

Houston has a rich musical heritage, which includes: blues, jazz, hip hop and rock. It’s also known for it’s many live music venues

The city of Houston has an extensive system of bayous running through its center where you can see beautiful nature and wildlife such as turtles, fish and ducks

Houston has more than 150 languages spoken in this country alone [source] .

In addition to English, some of these languages include Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean. The most common foreign languages speak

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